It has a few rough spots and the drive is off so I deceided I better replace it. Thanks to everyone for all the great advice. Well, I still couldnt pull the gimbal bearing out. I had two problems. Password Please enter a password for your user account.

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homemadd September 19th, I am replacing the bellows and the gimbal bearing. OEM Part Finder new! Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. I have never done this.


Also I found a website that had pics. Once I got them tight, I gave it 5 or 6 good hammers and then they would pop out.

Bt Doctur That tool looks awesome you could sell those. I drilled an 11’16” hole in the middle that lines up with the center of the bearing. About Us Contact Us. September 18th, I bent several steel plates with my homemade device gkmbal couldnt get it.


August 13th, I had to tap the bearing with a chisel until it turned horizontally and then I cut it out with my grinder.

It’s been over a year since I did mine housing and all, but I do remember planning to pull them the way you describe and not being able to.

Scott, How are you going to install it? Jeff, I have access to a huge selection of drivers.

Homemade Gimble bearing puller !!!! Page: 1 – iboats Boating Forums |

I just couldn’t get himbal jaws tight enough to not pop out. But I thought my boat was a gen I. Originally posted by iowackers BT, I tried using my slide hammer and I beat and beat on it. Note that passwords are case-sensitive. Have fun getting it back in!

Gimbal Bearing Removal?? – Speedwake

August 9th, Canada Jeff is offline. I am building a puller. I really cleaned up the area afterwards.

My main concern is what to pull against. I then used a 3 clawed slide hammer and pulled the outer aluminum ring off.


Well, I still couldnt pull the gimbal bearing out. Next, make sure you install the housing with the two notches facing out so you can easily replace the bearing in the future using above method of cartridge removal from housing. Quick Reply Share with Facebook. For some unknown reason merc installed these with the notches facing in to make things hommade. This ia a good site for looking up part numbers: Shop Prop Finder new!

BT, I tried using my slide hammer and I beat and beat on it.