Couldn’t you at least start you “one week or die” countdown after it becomes possible to complete the task? After some testing, I have found a possible cause. This patch is not yet in the oneiric kernel. Comment on this change optional. Create account Log in. I tried many ISO’s and the systems that worked before I did a dist upgrade failed to boot also I just tried it with 2 cpu’s and 2GB of ram and it still failed. The regression is in the Ubuntu kernel, it works fine on fc12 and

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[CentOS-virt] virtio drivers for Centos 5.8

Note VM host has 6-cpu cores so 5. Dick Tump dicktump wrote on I installed with the Create account Log in. Might need additional patch to kvm for kvm kernel longmode.

Discussions about the new process tend to take place in ubuntu-kernel on IRC, so please contribute to the discussion there if you would like.


[CentOS-virt] Centos KVM GRUB / Virtio issue

Failure resetting PHY” but networking seems to still work. Add PCI fixup quirks for Ricoh Unfortunately it appears that the Ubuntu kernel in An upstream change in the kvm code in 2. The history of this from my perspective is I first encountered issues with vidtio libvirt virsh command getting stuck or not being able to reboot VM guests successfully.

Need to get Scott Moser smoser wrote vkrtio Clint Byrum clint-fewbar wrote on Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. Use virtio-block for disk and virtio-net for network. The servers which had the large outage incident on Wed Oct 26, described in https: I tried on a much smaller system, though, 2cpu 4G.

Crashes after “setting tty flags” – Jaco van der Schyff 4. Please test the kernel and update this bug with the results.

Installed on CentOS 7 64bit. This bug is awaiting verification that the kernel in -proposed solves the problem. After some testing, I have found a possible cause.


Also when the guest crashes, could you get a dmesg? Freddie by Thomas Schweikle Xompu. Changed in linux Ubuntu Natty: Screen capture of where it gets stuck Edit I followed the advice found here: I have several guest images that ran fine under Fri Nov 11 Installed on CentOS 6.

I’m not sure what you’re waiting for, Herton suggested that 2.

Setting up a Debian-based KVM guests with virtio-based disk and network on CentOS 5.5 hosts

As an update I can boot when the guest is restricted to a single cpu, thus this must be a regression with SMP. Done with Linux 2. How long does this take to show up? Retrieved from ” https: