And the driver works fine in most SL I part containing continuous hi-hats on every 16th note ie. Thank you very much! Midex 8 August 4th, This inofficial driver can be installed at one’s own risk. Great care has been taken to ensure accuracy in the preparation of this article but neither Sound On Sound Limited nor the Editor can be held responsible for its contents. These units are now legacy according to Steinberg which means they are unsupported, especially on Hackintoshes. As with nearly all USB peripherals, installation is simplicity itself:

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The Midex 8 is an ‘end’ device, so each one you plug in will need its own Ma port. The rubric next to the Mac version of AI 5 says ‘This mkdex does not require a previous installation’ but for me, the install got stuck halfway through as it seemed to need a disc inserting.

Posted September 20, Unfortunately you will lose LTB support in the process — only when Cubase talks directly to the Midex 8 drivers do you get the improved timing.

Had complete hassles with my Sign in with Twitter. Users browsing this forum: With the standard interfaces, timing varied by up to 2. However, with my Midex 3 I have been experiencing difficulties and inconsistencies with my Hackintosh installs. As with nearly all USB peripherals, installation is simplicity itself: The other disadvantage is that I need Parallels 10 with Windows 7 to start the driver. As long as enough data is sent in advance even in fits and starts miidex keep the buffer topped up, the AMT8, Midex 8, or Unitor 8 will be able to carry on with perfect precision.


I installed the ancient Midex driver ftp: Posted August 29, I’m sure many musicians will agree with their priorities, but reading between the lines I suspect Steinberg may still manage this with a future driver release.

Steinberg and Emagic made headlines at the Frankfurt Musik Messe, when they announced that they would in future share certain aspects of their expertise. Shop Software Host Applications. mideex

Configuring a DAW

Rock-solid sub-millisecond timing that bypasses USB and operating-system uncertainties. If anyone is willing to help me, i can upload either the pkg installer or the kext or both. Or sign in with one of these services. If you run out of suitable ports and want to use a USB hub to provide more, make sure you buy a self-powered one, and that each of its ports can provide more than the mA required by each Midex 8.

Read up on what measures you can take in case of a defective or lost USB-eLicenser.

This is as you would expect, since each Mdiex device takes some of the finite bandwidth available, but the beauty of USB is that you can unplug your other devices ‘on the fly’.

Sadly, I suspect more people will be upset by the current lack of multi-client drivers, and anyone currently running a stand-alone synth editor alongside Cubase will have to discard it to use the Midex 8.

Steinberg Midex 8 not compatible with el … – Apple Community

But what I DO always see micex I boot up in the verbose mode is the following lines: The important thing is that until this happens, Cubase users will find that the Midex 8 keeps their timing far more solid than any other MIDI interface. WaveLab WaveLab Pro 9.


Steinberg also recommend deactivating the MIDI ‘Reset on Stop’ function to prevent audio dropouts with low latency settings, and ensuring that the System Preroll setting is at least mS to maintain a stable MIDI output with lots of audio tracks. Education Steinberg offers a range of products at special education pricing for facilities, educators and students.

MIDEX 8 | Steinberg

Apparently the drivers are multi-client-capable when addressed by an application using DirectMusic drivers, but there are few professional music applications that do this. So I now use my TPB version. Failed to load extension de. Video tutorials Our YouTube channel not nac offers a selection of product presentation videos but also several very helpful and informative video tutorials.

However, there was a hitch during the driver installation with an imdex Failed’ message. Mac OS and Mac OMS drivers are still in preparation, and apparently Steinberg’s drivers are not recognised by any version of Windows older than Windows 98SE, so those with the original Windows 98 release will have to upgrade.

Holding both buttons down for several seconds causes a full reset, equivalent to unplugging the Midex 8 from USB.