If you are using Microsoft Visual Studio. Informix namespace by including this directive in the program: What can you do now? Finally, you can index into the columns by column number and cast the results directly for some types. Net driver is not self-contained in the IBM.

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To clean up, use the IfxConnection. Each column is retrieved as a generic Object type. You can create the parameters with any of the IfxParameter constructors, or you can shortcut their creation as above. The proper using statement is: Click Browse and navigate to the assembly. I just started the step by step, log-in with new IBM account and it ask for a support contract.

The IfxDataAdapter doesn’t have this wizard yet.

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But how can you get the database-generated value back into your disconnected DataSet? The correct method to verify the version of the. Data access is constant need for most business applications. Parameters is a collection, so you can add as many parameters as you need.


Finally, you can index into the columns by column number and cast the results directly for some types. See the Related topics section below. also updates one column in a particular row. But who wants to type in a bunch of XML?

You can also build parameterized statements and queries, which we will also examine below. They all assume that you have already imported the IBM.

The generated dsClients class is the strongly-typed DataSet. The assembly version for the IBM Informix.

Install the IBM Informix .NET Provider

A strongly typed DataSet addresses these problems. Yet, the models and methods for doing data access are continually changing.

The next example is executing a select statement and working with the set of results returned by the database server. Is the Informix ADO. At a later point, the DataAdapter s can submit changes back to the data store. Informix namespace by including this directive in the program: When you install the IBM Informix. Rows [“createdate”] ; The LibraryConsoleTest adds a new and retrieves the generated serial number. Look in the code files in the Download section of this article to see the resulting dsClients.


Right click on References in the Solution Explorer window.

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The IfxCommand object has a series of Execute methods to execute the command against the database. The sample code includes a BasicConnection class for this functionality.

So how can you build this productivity-enhancing, strongly typed DataSet?

For a fast, forward-only cursor through the results, use IfxDataReader returned by the ExecuteReader method. As you can see, the ConnectionString is just a semicolon-separated list of parameters for the connection. Inheritance provides some protection from changes in the schema of the DataSet.

You will need to download CSDK the. If you have the 2.