Test Operation Commands A. Same displays as Slave key-on delay apply to Master key-off delay. After all desired parameters are entered, the user may write the current configuration into the field configuration EEPROM. Program bit and address bit. Press SW2 when desired dc code address is selected. After all prompts have been answered, the current product configuration is updated by answering yes Y to a final configuration prompt. Reference Figures and

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CS on alpha-numeric display. The MC is driven by a 10 MHz clock signal.

Wireshark ยท Wireshark-dev: [Wireshark-dev] New dissector: packet-genisys.c

On both ends of cable, identify spare wires using the applicable wiring diagram. Auto recall option, cutout time, communication failure time out, etc. To set Master port parity, press SW2 once, The permament proyocol is determined to be invalid.

The code line protocol e. After carrier option is entered, display should return to CX.

rpotocol Configuration parameters explicitly set in the Application program may only be changed by changing the Application program. If desired baud rate is passed, continue pressing SW1 to recycle display. If a given parameter is not entered within 30 seconds of call-up, the alpha-numeric display goes dark.


Asserted to enable the connected data modem.

Program bits and protocpl bits. Serial communications parameters such as key delays and baud rates may be defined during geniyss configuration via the front edge toggle switches and alpha-numeric display, the front edge PC port or in the application logic. If LED 13 flashes continuously at about once per second, a problem on the board is indicated.

Modem response depends on type and configuration of modem used. Press toggle switch SW1 as required to bring up MN on alpha-numeric display. Table lists pinouts.

Alpha-numeric display goes dark. Display should show 1.

GENISYS SERIES 2000 – Ansaldo STS | Product Support

Press toggle switch SW1 as required to bring up AT on alpha-numeric display. Four additional LEDs report when individual 8-bit groups of input data are addressed by the Enhanced Controller board 3.

In the constant mode, data stored in the four 8-bit buffers is immediately output to external circuits as soon as each buffer receives data. Operating mode is asynchronous only. Example from item K above: Press toggle switch SW1 as required to bring up SN on alpha-numeric display.


Genisys – Wikipedia

This represents a specific parameter such as Slave port baud rate or Master port key-on delay. Input and Output boards may be installed in clusters or with empty cardfile spaces between boards.

Repeat steps 2 through 4 for the Master port test. The Service Shop Russell St.

The first three groups of eight inputs requires the same common voltage on all inputs, while different commons may be applied to each of the last protovol of eight inputs Ref. Each output is protected with an opto isolator that electrically isolates PCB and system internal circuits from possible transient voltages induced on the output circuits. When desired key-on delay is selected, press SW2 to enter delay.

Continue with step 13 when the complete address is developed. Otherwise, go to step