Or fix your network. If someone has a hard spot with my posting here, I request you take a deep breath before adding a response. If this is a repeat, I’d appreciate a redirect to the existing thread. A triple post is when a person posts the same thing three times. But I think its more likely to be a bad network cable or something like that. It’s four separate networks, no one I know of would call it aggregation.

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We all start somewhere.

Last edited by a moderator: Forums New posts Search forums. Thread starter Poppymcshotgun Start date Jun 5, I recommend Intel’s because Realteks aside from the potential performance problems are sometimes unreliable. It’s possible that the OP’s solution was caused by re-negotiation of the link or reassignment of the share access path rather than a cable change-out. Joined Nov 11, Messages 1, Thanks I have read, that LSI had a buggy P20 for some freennas. Both speeds are slower than rated for SSD because i’m at the limit for my Z1 pool.


These two videos taken together give a really good introduction to what you freena to know: What’s new New posts New resources Latest activity. Thanks for the reply.

Solving FreeNAS jails on a dedicated NIC

Apologies, I really did search always do. Hey everyone, first time user of FreeNAS and first time poster here. If you would have posted your speed results of your system prior to purchasing the Intel NIC someone would have told you that your speed will not improve much based on your system specs. Some cheap NICs have trouble with autonegotiation if a cable is iffy at the highest speed.

Changing to new Hardware (Mobo, CPU, Memory) | FreeNAS Community

Joined Jan 10, Messages 31 Thanks 1. Click reply or select text you wish to quote and click quote Write your text Go to 1 if you want to quote more.

Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Joined May 24, Messages 9, Thanks Joined Feb 29, Messages 4, Thanks I’m thinking reordering would be the easy way to get what I want.

Replacing network card / NIC | FreeNAS Community

Just use an Server Adapter for this configuration, and you will get the best results in speed. Thread starter matadasm Start date Aug 10, You might want to give it a try again. What am i doing wrong?


How do you know the installer froze? I am keep jumping from one forum to another trying to find such informationbut keep stumbling on the chabge things. It would work just fine, of course.

Any advice would be appreciated.

It shouldn’t be that complicated. Joined Freensa 6, Messages 5, Thanks I searched the forums but found nothing addressing this. Never touched the other one.

Two NIC’s for the average home user – config help

I know my switch doesn’t support LACP. Cancel their response to post 1. You are convinced that your own personal posting style is the only valid one, and you seek to force it on others.