We also publish monthly 3Digests that sum up all comparisons of video cards for various price segments. All the cards actually use the same cooler. Tests settings — maximum. Thirdly, efficiency of the cooling system is reinforced by heat pipes at the side of the heatsink. Results of MSI GTS should be also referred to the Foxconn product with increased frequencies, because these products are almost identical.

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So you’d better install a good ventilation system inside your PC case. Amazingly, there are no stickers or labels on the card from Foxconn, which would have indicated its increased frequencies. But you shouldn’t really foxcknn it Note operating frequencies, support for modern technologies shadersas well as a pipeline architecture.

Foxconn GeForce GTS MB Overclocked Edition –

You won’t find it first glance. In this case the bundle is similar, but it has a bonus – Gamepad. Now about fosconn color of cards.

Note operating frequencies, foxcconn for modern technologies shadersas well as a pipeline architecture. Considering that many users still ask questions about the differences between these products, and which manufacturer offers higher quality, we decided to publish another article about these cards.


It’s the standard demo that comes with the game.

We can only inform you about this or that product. It may be the case only with our sample, while all production-line cards will also have stickers on PCBs. The bundle, 5-year warranty, increased frequencies There are just two companies that manufacture graphics processors: We foxconn temperatures of these cards using RivaTuner written by A.

A pile of papers with various warnings and instructions which slots to avoid, a CD with drivers and software, two DVI-to-VGA adapters, external power splitter, component output adapter. A label with memory size is glued askew at the side.

Foxconn GeForce 8800 GTS (PCI-E, 640MB, 575MHz)

Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. So you should understand that you’ll have to learn 3D graphics basics in order to get maximum performance from a new video card.

Even the slowest card operating at the nominal frequencies the GTS MB demonstrated good results, being outperformed only by the more expensive GX2. But they are actually identical inside. All these cards have TV-Out with a unique jack. And make your choice.


A bright cardboard box with holographic coating. And one more thing: CoH This is also a relatively new game. Secondly, the turbine is very large and slow, so it’s quiet even under heavy loads. And this technology belongs to the future.

They are gone long ago the cards were replaced or returned by warranty. Considering the reduced capacity of the box, it’s a ladies’ handbag Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. The design is very stylish, but the lid of the box does not have cross-pieces, so a CD may drop out of the box through the gaps.

I repeat that only the sticker on the box mentions increased frequencies. Everything will be up to the prices. Thirdly, analyze test results of the video cards under review. The AMD camp is not clearly graded due to many old products for various prices, so it’s difficult to compare.