Compaq b – Notebook PC. Can you give me advise what to do? I press the button for start up and the computer the lights starts only 1 second and close. However, the 1 sec blue light is back. Should I reseat something?

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Try removing memory modules and test the laptop with only one module installed. Try removing them one by one and test the laptop with each module separately. As mentioned in the text, a couple of extra presariio on this model but pretty obvious. Thank you so very much. After I finally rebooted I found the bottom to be very very hot, and i now had no network. The light by the switch on the front edge is always amber no matter where the switch is set.

How to disassemble Compaq Presario F – Inside my laptop

If the laptop stopped detecting the sound card, most likely this is motherboard problem, not just audio board failure. I hope others are as appreciative as I, and I would like to encourage them to make donations as ckmpaq. First the sound went. Sometimes it boots and works for awhile but eventually locks up. Boot from the Vista installation CD.


Remove the cooling assembly heat sink and fan. I have a Compaq F with no image in the screen. I done everything again at the computer was as it was. I would not have tried it without the ntoebook. Is there anything that I can do to save it, is it worth saving, or do I just shoot-drop-burn it?

HP Inc. HP Compaq Presario F Notebook PC – Citrix Ready Marketplace

After I unplugged it a few times trying to diagnose it, the plug just came apart. Presarip i put the old ones back in it boots up like normal.

Performing A Recovery I hope that I did not destroy my motherboard by doing this. Most likely if you install a bit OS, you can use all 4GB. Both lights located on the keyboard and the keyboard connected directly to the motherboard.

Hey, Glad I found this! Just watch out for Step 13 — there is one more screw not indicated on the image in the HDD bay that goes through the motherboard which must be removed. Thank you so much!. Removing The Sd Memory Card God knows I have.


By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only sonud page. Removed hard drive and tried to power on also with no luck.

Go to amazon and buy a virtual 5. Take a look at the service and maintenance guide for Presario CQ Drain the battery completely dead with the WiFi switch in the ON position.

How to disassemble Compaq Presario F700

Don’t have an account? I have Toshiba Sat.

Lift up the right side of the hard drive by the plastic tab to disconnect it from the motherboard. I also bought a little finned aluminum heat sink from Radio Shack, ntoebook it down to fit the height, and thermo bonded it to the chip to help cool it.

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