Kinivo is a trademark of Kinivo LLC. This symbol indicates something that must be done. Double-clicking Press the pen tip against the tablet operating area with a suitable amount of force and then release it, two times in a row. Start display at page:. Email me if my answer is selected or commented on Privacy:

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These LED’s indicate current condition of the tablet.

So use the BT-2G away from other wireless devices. The blue LED will be solid when the pen is detected within active area. And safely disconnect BT-2G.

USB Bluetooth 2. 0 Edr, Dongle, VOIP, Vista Supported

If the customer sends the product to our company without RMA Return Merchandise Authorisation number, it might not be covered by warranty. It delivers clear voice transmission and high quality.

Technical support will determine whether or not the product must be repaired, so please contact them. Also avoid leaving in locations exposed to direct sunlight.

Is pen tip worn down? Laser Wireless Rechargeable Mouse. Note that battery life is approximately 24 hours under normal usage.

Read the license agreement, and if you accept, select “I accept the terms in the license agreement” then click “Next”. For details on LED indicator, see “2. Clicking Press the pen tip against the tablet operating area with a suitable amount of force and then release it quickly. This often solves the problem, the same applies to the two devices, the Bluetooth device and your Smartphone or Tablet, for the latter, to enter the configuration and disable the Bluetooth or put it into mode Airplane is enough, remember to turn it on again.


Once in pairing mode, you have to ask the Smartphone, Tablet or Lap to find the available devices, when you find it accepts the connection and you probably need to enter a code, if not deployed on your computer could be ” “otherwise you will have to return to the manual, this will achieve the connection of the equipment and you will be able to make use of it.

How to fix bluetooth connection problems on Lg G Vista (CDMA) – How2smart Q&A

Active Personal Programmer G5 Active Personal Programmer G5 Instruction manual and user s guide This manual explains features and provides basic information about how to set up and operate the Active Personal Programmer Tool, including More information.

The Viista cable might trip someone, possibly causing the product to fall, etc. The tablet and USB cable might be damaged, causing fire or electric shock. To assign the function, uses “Bluetooth Pen Pad Manager”.

Are there any wireless devices located nearby BT-2G such as cordless phone, video transmitters, or radio transmitters? Please read this guide thoroughly. If searching finished correctly, you can find the icon “Hitachi Pen Pad”. When changing the battery, be careful not to close the pen’s rear part too forcefully.


If they are not suited, please reboot the PC. Do not dispose the equipment as unsorted municipal waste, but use the return and collection systems available.

If it is connected properly, LED light on. All products of Hitachi Software Engineering Co. It may be the case that you are wanting to connect two devices glootooth are not designed to work between them, check the compatibility list of the device to be sure they can connect.

Place the device in pairing mode: FCC Warning For US and Canada only The user is cautioned that changes and modifications made to the equipment without approval of the manufacturer could void the user s authority to operate this equipment.

StarBoard BT-2G User’s Guide – PDF

For complete warranty details and a list of our worldwide offices, please More information. Installation Guide Bluetooth 2. Try connecting them at a short distance: Before using this product, carefully read and fully understand the safety instructions. This symbol draws attention to cautions including warnings.