All times are GMT Temperature The notebook is a very silent one, but we were surprised about the Aspires surface temperatures. Even the chassis stability and processing is good. Laptop Mag Acer has nailed multimedia desktop replacement standards with the Aspire G. Originally Posted by ddshade. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. No problem guys, I simply got lucky and googled untill I found the solution, and figured that I would try to help out others who couldn’t get proper tech support out of Acer

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The mute and the entire volume touchpad areas are lit up, and thats it.

The results were similar when using the Crysis benchmark. The surfaces are reflecting and the overall design consists of rounded and homogenous elements. It reached 40 dB A and this is noisy. I have the same problem, dit you allready resolve yours? This is not good, but better than average.

Acer Aspire 8920G User Manual: Touchpad Basics

Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. This design creates brand recognition and limits from competitors notebooks. Viewing angles of the display.

They work badly or they do not work at all in this area. The Acer Aspire GG64Bn isn’t the touchpwd machine, but the cutting-edge components and excellent display make it our machine of choice.


Acer Aspire 8920 8920g 18.4″ Palmrest W/touchpad 6051b0288801-2 Ni8

I can modify the volume through my mixer on the taskbar, but thats it. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is aspirf.

The black level of the panel is 0. This value is good, and was measured in the lower left corner of the display. All keys provide a pleasing sizein spite of this massive offer of keys.

Acer Aspire G on Ciao. The 820g of the ports are well optedbut right handed people are favoured by their arrangement.

Acer Aspire G – External Reviews

Also the power button glows blue, and it is above the keyboard. The keyboard of the Aspire G uses the whole width of the aslire and it is equipped with a number pad. There are no black borders on the upper and lower area of the screen when watching a movie.

Even the layout of all buttons is good. The Acer Aspire G is equipped with an unprecedented zcer The maximum noise level of the fan was measured with And I can’t find the precise cause, although I have a 3 year warranty, I want to see if there is a solution without having to bring it in.

Review Acer Aspire G notebook – Reviews

The Media Console and its volume control sometimes needs time to adjust volume. They certainly livened up our media consumption and made it easier for multiple family members to watch the movies of their choosing at the same time!


Acer homepage Acer notebook section. Furthermore, it provides acceptable illumination level and an excellent contrast value. The fusion of different colours and textures across the deck is a little scary, but the twin hinges support a screen that feels solid. The speakers are at the front side of the case and provide adequate sound quality.

The notebooks loudness and the measured surface temperature of the Aspire G are low. Originally Posted by ddshade I have fixed mine, shortly after I posted last. Just what the doctor orderd, Thanks ddshade I was seconds away from popping in the restore disks on my G when I gave google one last try and ended up here.

It was not possible to compare both notebooks with higher resolutions, because the Acer does not support the resolution of 1. The 16 inch display of the Aspire G series and the When running full loadthen the fan reaches its maximum speed and its average noise is